2004-August, "Jelly Jamming" One of my favorites, the boys loved to jelly jam.  Watch out for the tricky move.  Air show footage also included -- not much interest to the lads. 4 minutes

I Love Trains2001/2004  "I Love Trains"  Here are clips taken over 3 years of Colin and his trains. He has lost some interest recently but still knows more about knuckle couplers and diesels than most. 5 minutes

Cut him to pieces2006-June "Cut him to Pieces".  The boys are always intrigued when I pass the lobster tank at the grocery store. So I decided to buy one for lunch one day.  Min size was 3lbs.  We had one expensive and delicious lunch, well Ryan and I did. 1 minute


2006-June "Watch Out".  An innocent race turns ugly.  17 seconds


2006 - July "Swimmies".  A dip at the local pool.  25 seconds


2006- September "Corny". A rubber snake didn't cut it.  After some crying and "I love you daddy" we purchased a 17 inch baby corn snake.  Here he is having his first pinky meal in his new home. 2 minutes

2006 - September "School's Open".  Ryan's 1st (and Colin's 5th) day of school.  The boys head to school with lunch boxes in tow.  3 minutes

2006 - October "Swings".  The boys show me their swinging skills on a beautiful fall day.  1 minute


2006 - October "Uncle Chris gets the hammer"  Ryan delivers his ultimate fighting best.  At grandpa's house.  1 minute

2007-January "Go Shorty" The mouse gets the best of Ryan and Colin and they show off their moves. 2 minutes



2007- January "Disney"  Some clips from out Disney cruise. 3 minutes


2007 - April "Winding and Spinning"  Trip to nana's. 


2007-August "Stick to the big wheels" Some unsuccessful clips without the training wheels.  24 seconds


2007 - December "Wiiiii"  Santa stops by and the boys enjoy some bowling and boxing,  7 minutes



2008 - January "White man can't dance"  Still in our PJs, we start the day with some fine foot moves. 2 minutes


2008 - April "Just say ok".  Even little boys have addictions that are tough to break.  2 minutes


2008 - April "Monster Madness".  The boys (and dad) get hooked on monster trucks.  4 minutes



2008-July "It's hot out here".  I only wanted the outside AC turned on. Ryan could not figure it out. 2 minutes



2009-Feb "Blowing bubbles"  and other misc clips from around the house. 3 minutes


2009-Nov "Fast Mice".  I thought she was smarter. 2 minutes



2009-Sep/Dec "Fun with a box".  Cheap, but exhausting, entertainment. 3 minutes



2010-Aug "Ryan the builder".  Time to build and soak.  3 minutes



2010-Dec "It's your birthday".  Colin turns 10 and sharpens his gaming and dancing with some friends. 4 minutes


2011-Jun "Now that's a sprinker".  Ryan cools off on a hot day. 2 minutes



2011-Jun "End of school year party".  Boys and friends cool off with a slip and slide. 3 minutes


2011-Jun "Bouncy bounce".  Probably the best $75 I ever spent.  The boys love the trampoline addition.  2 minutes


2012-Jan "Sledding".  First snowfall of 2012 entices the boys into some sledding.  3 minutes



2012-Jan "Stuck in reverse".  Not sure if we are coming or going. 10 minutes



2012-Feb "Coming to America". Colin and friends submit a video for their social studies project. 3 minutes


2013-Jan. "More insurance please". Ryan and I try out new gifts from Santa. 3 minutes



2013-Jan "S is for Spiders".  Mommy reads to baby Gavin. 1 minute