Fishing at Loch Raven reservoir

How big was the fish that got away?

Yeah, that's more like it.

Ryan caught the only fish of the day, so we fed the geese instead.

Chicks in our backyard.

And finding clams at gunpowder river/bay

Uncle Chris and his big kite.  For kite surfing of course.

Trip to Air and Space museum in Dulles, VA

What's that dad?

Watching the big jets land.

Time to make some money for the piggy bank

Business was good

Caught with hand in cookie jar.

At the local pool.  (Phelps trained here)

Legos.  Can't get enough

At the state fair.  I spent a fortune for those stuffed animals


A-rod wanna be

Nana came to visit

Soccer for the younger bro

Playing together.