Time to listen to Zoltar

We did the Niagara fury...     (and ryan may have been spooked a bit) :-(

Don't miss Niagara's Hottest New Attraction! 

The temperature will drop 20 degrees. Water will bubble and spray while snow falls all around. Standing in the mist on a massive platform you will

feel the full wrath of Mother Nature as the floor tilts and trembles beneath you. You’ll never look at the Falls the same way again! Niagara Parks

 has recreated the amazing sights and sounds of the Creation of Niagara Falls.  Incredible images produced with technology previously used only

in satellites and medicine will immerse you in a “4D” Universal Studios-style attraction.
The experience starts with an 8 minute animated Pre-show, where charming woodland characters explain how the Ice Age formed Niagara Falls. 

Then, in a specially designed, 360 degree theatre, witness the Creation of the Falls in a 6-minute, multi-sensory extravaganza!



and we checked out ripley's

In this exhibit, there was a hologram in the mouth that you tried to grab.  If you stuck your hand in too far, a puff

of air blasted from the mouth.  Almost sent ryan to the ground in tears.  I am sorry buddy for not warning you.









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