6/19/06, Fathers Day Weekend.  We had so much fun at the shore house.  Great weather and we enjoyed the pool, jacuzzi and beach. 16 Pictures

6/27/06, Vacation with grandpa upstate.  Despite plenty of rain, we had a great time fishing, go-karting, swimming and playing with uncle kyle. 19 Pictures


10/31/06, The dynamic duo move to baltimore to fight crime and collect candy.  12 Pictures


1/24/07.  The boys and I take a 4 day disney cruise making me an official disney dad.  45 Pictures


4/21/07.  Trip to see nana and grandpa.  We enjoyed the beautiful weather playing with uncle chris and uncle kyle. 9 Pictures




06/04/07.  Colin graduates Kindergarten.  My boy is growing up. And some T-Ball Pics.  21 Pictures



July -Oct 07.  Dad moves to Baltimore. New home, new job and new car.  Boys help me settle in.


April 08.  Ryan's bday party, monster trucks and time for baseball.  25 Pictures


Summer 08.  Fishing, pool, baseball, soccer, lego mania, other stuff.  35 Pictures



Dec 08.  Xmas photos and new addition to the family. 16 Pictures


Dec 08. The Haley Boys. 1 Pic



Feb 09.  My snow angels play at the mountain house.  11 Pics


Apr 09. Spring break for the boys. We head to Niagara falls and Cooperstown. 12 pics


Jul 09.  The boys head to Cal Ripken baseball camp, to get better at baseball and to play with sand.  22 pics



Aug to Dec 09.  Misc pictures from the remainder of 2009.  33 pics



Jun 2010.  School's out for summer. 35 pics


Dec 2010. Why buy a ping pong table, when we can make it.  17 pics



Jul/Aug 2011. Trip to Nana's and other summer pics.  38 pics



Dec 2011. Trip to Wolf's resort.  40 pics


Jul 2011. Cathedral boys, 1 pic



Dec 27 2012.  9:29 PM Baby Gavin arrives. 7 pounds 6 ounces